Monday, 14 May 2012

Bunting for Boys!

I must admit to being somewhat surprised when my seven year old son seemed jealous of the bunting given to his little sister for her first birthday.  So, I asked whether he would like his own name in bunting - and when he said 'yes please' almost before I had finished asking - I had the tussle as to what design I could try out to satisfy the ever demanding requirements of this young man.  After all, my usual bunting for boys was more geared for the very small variety for whom rainbows and pastel blues were more in demand!

Maybe it is living near the sea, and an area that revels in all things pirates, that this seemed to be the most suitable theme to pursue.  The annual Pirate Day is ever popular and requires the ubiquitous eye patches, ragged edged shorts and a bandana at a rakish angle over one eye!  So, onwards and upwards, how to create pirates in felt ........

Colours just had to be black, red, grey and white and, luckily, I tracked down several shades of grey to add a little more interest!

Crossed scimitars formed one end panel - too many stories from the Arabian Nights I feel!

 It gave me a use for some gorgeous glass chips to decorate the handles - after all, what self respecting pirate would not have jewel encrusted scimitars!

And for the other end panel???  Well, it could only be the Jolly Roger (or at least, my interpretation of the Jolly Roger!  Not sure the original had a bugle beaded grin!!)
And the end result - a happy boy come Christmas morning!  He even chose to take it into school for show and tell - which was the biggest compliment yet!

I did of course ask his permission before I replicated his design on the next batch of little pirates: 

As long as little boys are pleased with pirate bunting - I will continue to sew it. 

Now, what other themes for older boys can I think of ..... hmm, planets, rocket ships .... Space is the next frontier!!!