Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A retail interlude ... in Rye

I hadn't thought to post so soon again - but on Saturday following a rather lovely jaunt around the streets of Rye I am still full of happy things that we saw, read and, I have to admit somewhat guiltily, bought!!!

I went looking for a little shop that stocked locally made crafts with the vain hope that they might be interested in my sewing, but, it seems to have packed its bags and departed - or at least hidden itself since I found it last time!  I anyone knows the one I mean, and where it has gone to, I would love to know!

However, we did find some more than acceptable alternatives!

Can I recommend a visit to - a shop full of pure loveliness - a quirky and eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary art, design and just plain fun!  For the princely sum of £2 we bought eight copies of old Beano magazines - which pleased a certain small boy very much indeed! 

An absolute bargain at 25p each!!

I picked up a print of an Oscar Wilde quote and found that I just could not put it down - so rather happily it made its way home with me!

The colours are beautiful.  I shall be putting Lion Street Store on my list of 'must visit' shops when in Rye!

To top it off, when, fully intending to return to the car, I spotted the monthly Art & Craft market was on - and it drew me in like a magnet (admittedly it didn't need much persuasion!).  It was full of beautiful things made by very talented people and usually I escape with my purse in tact - but today, in the corner was an artist called Hadyn Cornner, with some of the funkiest prints I have seen in a long time! !  And again I came away with a little print - who can resist The Ministry of Normality and a print that advises that you don't drink your own bath water!  Brilliant!

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