Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Little things that make life happy!

Colour does it for me!  It has the perpetual ability to lift the spirits and make life less gloomy when things get that grey tinge (metaphorically as well as literally).

From those balmy days at Uni - dressed somewhat randomly in head to toe yellow (thankfully no photo's remain), to the much loved and much missed bright green suede boots (still in the wardrobe despite being broken without hope!) - colour has always been able to lift my mood and keep life cheerful.  (This of course accounts for the decision to have a selection of cats whose discarded fur would both compliment and contrast with every single item of clothing!)

It can as basic as buttons

Which are kept in little glass jars to cheer up the top of a little brown chest of drawers and act as a distraction for a certain small girl who seems to have inherited a love of colour - but rather distractingly still calls them all yellow!

A few days ago a very large parcel of felt arrived from and opened into a veritable rainbow

I think this also means I need to turn my attention to the order book - which currently contains requests for Hello Kitty, a London Bus and a Union Jack (MUST get it the right way up!)
Our little house is a riot of colour - some of which is unavoidable with small children around -
but most is intentional, keeping white walls with bright and cheery paintings and ceramics to add character. 

However, the little bursts of colour in every day life are the best - like the golden curls on my little daughters head!

And .... a new pair of green boots which recently just toppled into my arms in T K Maxx ...


  1. I am with you there I love love love the variety of colour that surrounds us. I have buttons in see through boxes and ribbons I also have three cats one ginger and white and the other two black & white so their hair is often added to my clothes too.

  2. love the boots! (and had to sign up to blogspot to make this comment. might come in handy one day)