Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Brave New World (?)

A recent introduction to Pinterest and the need to start pinning things to boards - I have decided to set this up!  I imagine that it will mostly be me writing for me (to help my sometimes errant memory) and to allow me to post pictures of the things I make - oh how narcissistic! 

Let's go back to where it all began - with a wish to send a new baby cousin something for her 1st birthday that no-one else would send, a gift that would be personal to the baby and, hopefully, kept for years to come.  So, having discovered a bag of felt, some buttons, ribbon, sequins and other such loveliness I made some personalised bunting for the baby's room. 

This bunting was so well received by my cousin that I made my little daughter some bunting for her first birthday too - which is still hanging across the sitting room mirror (what else are mirrors for if not for displaying lovely things!)

This then turned into a rather rash decision to make all the babies turning 1 in 2011 a set of their own bunting, which resulted in a rathe mad period of cutting, stitching, buying coloured buttons and generally having fun with a needle.  The end results were:

A is for Ava - with butterflies and a cupcake

Something a little different for little Georgia - coloured letters on white backgrounds - rather effective!

I is for Izzy - butterflies made a third appearance!

A green Jake with my favourite oak leaves, and a beaded heart

A nautical theme for Liam when I tried my hand at a boat (and balloons!!)

A rainbow for Luke with hearts and balloons

My longest bunting so far - and I allowed the oak leaves to pop up again!

And then came a plethora of Noah's - two born on the same ward!!!

A blue Noah with hearts and balloons

A golden yellow Noah with hearts and balloons (there appears to be a theme!)

And finally, a green Noah with - yes you guessed it!

These are such fun to make!  There are no patterns, no rules, no right and wrong - all of which suits me fine!  I can make it up as I go along - and it gives me a reason to buy buttons (can you be a buttonaholic?)

I love walking into friends houses and seeing the bunting hanging up - it is rewarding to see that the end product brings as much pleasure as the actual creating!  And - it wasn't long before the orders started coming in - but that's a story for the next post!


  1. Love your blog, welcome to blogland!!
    Photos of your bunting look great and even better IRL
    Need to mention you and a link on my 365+1 blog today :)

    Suggest if you want comments you get rid of the words to prove your not a ROBOT!! Unfortunately it often does stop peeps commenting

  2. Welcome to blogland - don't forget to add a gadget so you can have followers. I will add you to my sidebar so that I can see when you do updates.

    Oh and yes please to getting rid of the word verification - it causes me great eyestrain and takes forever for me to get the double words right LOL!! You can moderate all your comments by email if you are worried about spam.

    Karen x

  3. they are all so lovely if you are a buttonholic so am I plus a ribbonholic too lol

  4. Such lovely bunting and I am a fellow buttonaholic... sometimes it is hard to use them in my crafty things as I hate to part with them!